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South Shore Waterfowlers Association, Inc.

The voice of the Long Island waterfowler

L.I. Decoy Show on Saturday the 27th, February 2016 at 09:00 AM

On Monday, February 1st, we held our regular general meeting in the Brightwaters Library.  Some 43 members showed up, perhaps because it was recipe night.  Members were asked to bring in their favorite game recipe, and, if possible to bring in a covered dish with a cooked sample of that recipe. Several of our members offered their recipes to the group, and questions, answers, and suggestions were plentiful during this part of the meeting. Game covered included: ducks, geese, brant, pheasant, and venison.  It was a real bonus to be able to taste some of the recipes as well!  

Curt is trying to put together a SSWA recipe notebook. So if you have a favorite game recipe please e-mail it to Curt so it can be included in the notebook.  Once the notebook takes shape, the board will decide the best method to make it available to the members.

Another special event at the meeting was the presentation of a Framed Certificate of Appreciation to Ben Sohm for his efforts with the 'Buddy Program". As many of you know, a few years ago it was Ben's idea to try and "buddy-up" some members who didn't have boats with those that do.  Ben has been the organizer and prime mover of this program which has become very popular with our members.  Congratulations on being recognized, Ben is well deserved!

The Annual L.I. Decoy Show will take place on Saturday, February 27th at the IBEW Hall in Hauppauge.  As usual, the club will have a table at this show.  Stop in and say hello, or..better yet, volunteer some time to help out at the table!

Our next meeting is set for March 7th.  I hope you can make it.

The 12th Annual SSWA dinner is set for Saturday, April 16th, 2016 at Fishermans Catch Restaurant. Seating is limited so reserve early. Open to all members in good standing.

A Year Ago....
By: Curt

It was a year ago that the weather was in the teens for a month, we got a lot of snow that never left, the ponds, bay, and the sound froze. The SSWA members brought attention to the fact that the waterfowl were starving to death. Large numbers of dead birds were found on the shoreline, ponds and lakes. Something needed to be done. Dedicated waterfowlers took up the task of getting feed out to the remaining birds. Over 41 TONS of FEED was dispersed. It took a heavy toll on the funds we had accumulated over the years for such a need. With the help of some dedicated SSWA members doing fundraisers, we replaced a good portion of the funds for the next emergency. We need to replace all, if not exceeding our total, (due to rising feed costs), to tackle the next emergency.

Here is where you can help. If you wish to help out your feathered friends, please donate what you can to the feeding fund. Make checks payable to: SSWA and mail to P.O. Box 217 Brightwaters, NY 11718.  In the memo put feed fund.  Thank You


At the January 4th meeting, instead of a guest speaker, we had a duck round table, which lasted about 90 minutes into the meeting.  During this session, members asked questions related to duck hunting, and other members volunteered their answers.  Later, during the break, several members indicated that they thought that this format was a good thing, and that we should think about doing it more often.

Next meeting, February 1st, we will have "recipe night'. We are asking all members to bring in written recipes of their favorite game dishes, and, if possible, to bring in cooked samples for the members to taste. This is an attempt to help out with the issues of how to prepare some of the birds we harvest, especially those that may not be "prime" table fare.

Hope to see you there.


The December electronic newsletters were sent out a few days ago. check your emails to make sure you got it. if you did, notify ron that you got it. if you didn't, its probably because we don't have your current email or that you aren't paid up. members who don't have emails were sent paper copies. We are trying to do away with paper copies to save the club the expense of printing.

Meeting tonight
By: curt

Members. Tonight's meeting will be a round table meeting. discussion will be a question and answer session to get the answers to all questions you might have about hunting. See you at 7:30 at the Bayshore-Brightwaters library.

Hey SSWA members. Look in your emails for your electronic newsletter. It was sent out today.