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South Shore Waterfowlers Association, Inc.

The voice of the Long Island waterfowler

Long Island Decoy Collectors Association Annual Decoy Show, IBEW Hall, Hauppauge. on Saturday the 7th, March 2015 at 09:00 AM

We wish to say a special thanks to Brian Leslie for his outstanding calling demonstration at Monday night's (March 2 ) meeting. His presentation on duck, goose and turkey calling was as informative as it was entertaining. I think those who attended would agree with me that Brian is a masterful artist with a gamebird call, and we would sure like to have him back for another meeting some time.

Our regular meeting busness was eclipsed by our discussions and concerns for the condition of the ducks locally because of the extremely long cold snap we have had, resulted in the bay freezing over.  SSWA members Craig Kessler and Red Oster had already joined some others who were beginning to put out large quantities of feed along the south shore. Craig brought the issue to me asking for SSWA to participate as well.  Last week our Board authorized the purchase of 4,000 pounds of corn, which was partially distributed before Monday's meeting.

At Monday night's meeting, the membership voted and authorized additional expenditures so that we could purchase and distribute feed for the rest of the month of March as needed.  

I attended the winter Atlantic Flyway meetings in Delaware last week, and I will put a summary in our March newsletter.  This Saturday, March 7th, is the LI decoy show, and both Saturday and Sunday next weekend (March 14-15) is the LI Gun Show.  Both events will be at the IBEW Hall in Hauppauge.

Our next meeting is April 6th, and this is also our annual election of officers.  We hope to see you there.




WHEN THE BROADBILL WAS KING ON THE GREAT SOUTH BAY, video to be debuted at the upcoming show. Longtime SSWA Steve Sanford and Craig Kessler have spent the last year creating an historic documentary video about the great era of broadbill gunning on the open expanses of Great South Bay. The full video will be debuted at the upcoming show of the Long Island Decoy Collectors Association on March 7 at the IBEW Hall in Hauppauge.  Show hours are from 9-4.  A terrific exhibit featuring several of the famous big open water rigs that frequented the Great South Bay from roughly 1930-1970 will be on display.  Everyone is encouraged to geet a sneak preview of the video by logging onto  


Due to the bad weather, and for the safety of our members, the february meeting will be cancelled and we will meet again in March.

At the March meeting, we will be asking for members to step up as future officers of the club. Call Curt, Election Chairman, at 631-661-0379 so you can be placed in the running for the April election slate. We need our members to step up and take a roll on the running of the SSWA. You will NOT be doing anything on your own. We are a team, and everything takes place as a group. It only takes a small portion of your time to be an officer. We need fresh blood to keep things exciting and new. Call today. We need your help.

At our regular monthly general meeting on Monday, January 5th, Steve Sanford was our special guest speaker, and he delivered a presentation on Designing and Rebuilding Duckboats to a packed house. (We had the usual 50 chairs set up in the meeting room, but we needed to bring in several more so that everyone could be seated.) His slide show was really a chronicle of his life adventures in waterfowling, depicted by before and after slides of the many one and two man duckboats that he had made, or repaired, and/or redesigned and retrofitted over the years for his own personal use, (and some that he worked on for his friends too). As Steve talked about working on his boats, his passion and enthusiasm couldn't be missed. After a few minutes, it became apparent that he has a wealth of knowledge on the subject, and his talent for hand-crafting duckboats was, and is, truly remarkable. Detailed plans for several of the boats can be found on his website, and Steve has volunteered to "talk" you through the plans, if you wish to try building one of your own.  

Special thanks to Steve for a most impressive presentation!

Our next regular meeting will be on Monday, February 2, 2015.  We hope to see you there.


 Our December meeting was held on December 1st and it was very well attended. The meeting was very brief, since we also planned to have our Christmas Party after the meeting. Thanks to a donation by George Duguid, every attendee at the December meeting was given a cable-type gun lock.  Our chuck-a buck raffle had 6 prizes, 3 of which were Buck knives. The other 3 prizes were 2 SSWA hats and a package of 8 "dirty bird" reactive targets. Congratulations to the lucky winners.  

There was a lot of food at the party, and I think that everybody had their fair share. Many even had seconds, but eventually, the food was gone. Some good fellowship, and a few tall stories rounded off a fine night.  Our next meeting will be on January 5th, when Life member Steve Sanford  (this year's winner of the "Best in Show" duckboat) will give a presentation entitled DESIGNING, BUILDING, and RESTORING DUCKBOATS!

It promises to be a very informative and worthwhile talk.  So mark your calendar. We hope you can make it!




On Monday night, November 3rd, we had our monthly meeting at the Library. Curt reported that our Duckboat Show and Waterfowl Festival was a great success.  We had more vendors than we have seen at a show for some time now, and our gate was better than ever. My thanks to all the SSWA members who helped to make it happen, and special thanks to Curt, who is the Chairman of the show.

The theme of our meeting was Broadbill, and we started with a video on layout hunting. This was followed by a lively discussion of the uniqueness of hunting for Broadbill in the bay.

Youth Waterfowl Weekend is the 22-23 of Nov., and I am told that we have almost 30 youth participating between the 2 locations.  If you can mentor on Sat. Morning the 22nd, let Curt know right away.

Since the opening of Ducks is Thanksgiving Day, (and this will happen before we have our next meeting,) I would like to remind you that PFD's are a must when your boat is under way. Have fun, but be safe out there.

Our next meeting, Monday December 1, is also our Annual Christmas Party.  After a very brief meeting, we will have a swap meet, so bring your duck hunting related stuff that you would like to swap or sell. We also enjoy samplng the game that our members have harvested and prepared. Please bring a covered dish of your favorite concoction, to share with our members that night.  

So mark your calendars, and we will see you on the 1st.

Good Hunting...