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South Shore Waterfowlers Association, Inc.

The voice of the Long Island waterfowler

SSWA 2nd Annual Picnic on Saturday the 16th, August 2014 at 12:30 PM

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Peconic shoot on Saturday and the fishing trip on Sunday. Thanks to Warren for getting all the shooters out for the sporting clays shoot. Thanks to Steve from the FISN ON II for setting us up for a great trip aboard his party boat. Thanks to John Adams from WindSwept Marina for hosting the BBQ after the trip.

All these events are planned to keep our members interactive throughout the summer and to introduce new people and family members to the club and get them involved with our events.

The next one is the SSWA BBQ on Saturday August 16. Call Curt to get on the list 631-661-0379, and send him the $20.00 check. He will give it back to you when you show up for the BBQ. If you don't, he will cash it to pay for the food we bought for you and you didn't come to eat it. The next peconic sporting clays shoot is August 24. Call Curt also to be placed on the list. Please call because there are no walk ins the day of the shoot. You must be on the list. Thank you for your co-operation.

Hey members, this upcoming weekend is the sporting clays shoot on Saturday and the fishing trip on sunday. Call curt now to be put on the list for either event. 631-661-0379 I need to know in advance who is coming. No walkins allowed. Thanks

Hey members, we got a lot of great stuff planned for this summer.

First are the three shoots/BBQ at Peconic ... June 28, July 19, and August 24. Call me to sign up for them.

Second is the Fluke fishing trip. FISH ON II Moriches. July 20 $30 for adults $25 for kids under 14. Call me then send check

SSWA Annual BBQ and Pig Roast August 16. FREE to you and immediate family. Call me to get on the list, then and send a check for 20.00. The day of the BBQ, I will give you your check back. If you don't show up, I will cash it.

All info is in your newsletter that you just got. Read it and call me. Open to all members in good standing. Call me at 631-661-0379

By: Ron

Just a reminder!


Delta Waterfowl is holding a Fund-Raising Shoot on Sunday, June 22 at the Southaven Range in Yaphank!


The Sunday June 29th Shoot has been changed to SATURDAY JUNE 28th.  If you wish to attend, call curt at 631-661-0379 to be added to the list.  There are no walk ins. It is $40.00 to shoot and $10.00 for the BBQ. Call today.

To all members, Jon at Camp-Site Sport Shop is having a 50th Anniversary day this Saturday, May 31th at the shop from Noon to 5p.m. There will be Games, Prizes and Fun for the whole family. Come on down and support the guy who has ALWAYS supported the SSWA.

The address is 1877 New York Ave., Huntington Station. See you there.

Seasonal Jobs
By: Ron


The USDA is offering seasonal positions from May through December in the area around JFK airport.  Click on the link below for the details and the application forms.