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about sswa

helping waterfowl thrive for generations to come.


No one knows Long Island better than we do. Our mission is to promote our rich waterfowling heritage, celebrate it and be an advocate to protect our resource through sound conservation practices that serve both the North and South Shore of Long Island for future generations.

We are more than "just hunters". We are conservationists, guardians for waterfowl, and habitat creators. We can step in when no one else does and when wild life needs help. We are the keepers of the marshes, grain fields, timber holes, lakes, rivers, creeks and potholes...and we have saved countless birds in recent years.


elected officers:


John Adams


Ronny Pliszak

1st Vice President

Erik tallbe jr.


kate sohm

2nd Vice President

curt matzinger



we share a
common bond.

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attend a meeting

The South Shore Waterfowlers meet at 7:00 p.m. on the 1st Monday of each month from September through April.  If the 1st Monday falls on a library holiday (a U.S. Postal holiday), the meeting will be rescheduled. 


president's corner: