D.E.C. Recognizes South Shores involvement in Youth Day Program.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the Department of Environmental Conservations Youth Waterfowl program. It is a program that introduces waterfowling to kids ages 12 to 14. The South Shore Waterfowlers Association has been involved since the beginning. We have been involved with the education program, usually the weekend before youth day, as well as the mentoring of kids on youth day. It is a tremendous program that our club is so happy to be affiliated with. I myself have been a mentor each year and have gotten so much from witnessing kids harvesting their first birds, as well as good days in the marsh. What a successful program and the DEC should been extremely proud of its efforts to instill the waterfowling traditions on todays youths.

This year the DEC presented the SSWA with a plaque and certificate acknowledging our contributions to youth day. I was extremely proud to accept it on behalf of the SSWA. Many thanks to Kelly Hamilton, Danielle Stango, and all the personnel from all agency's and clubs involved. I'm looking forward to next year.