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End of the Duck Season

The 2017-2018 duck season has come to a close. I hope everyone got out and was able to take advantage of the abundance of waterfowl in our area. I received messages from members that this was a season of diversity. They harvested birds that they normally don't see. Great to hear that some wall hangers were harvested. Don't put your gear away just yet because Goose season is still open, so take advantage of getting back out and taking a few "Big Birds".

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Duckboat Show - November 5th

I was just informed by the Town of Babylon that the camper facility at Cedar Beach Marina is going to stay open till Oct 31 this year. That puts the squash on our show that was scheduled for Oct 29th. We are moving the show date to our old rain date, which is November 5th, with a new rain date of Nov. 12. I hope all our vendors can make the show due to the date change. Most importantly, I hope ALL OUR MEMBERS can make the new date. We need all the help we can get. The date change was out of my control, but I hope the SSWA membership will pull together to make the date work.

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